WP 1 Project Management & Coordination

Scope of this WP is the smooth and on track project implementation, the continuous control and monitoring of project progress and the necessary adaptations and adjustments of the project plan if it is deemed necessary.

It includes:

1.2 Day-to-day project management and coordination
1.3 Delivery of project reports including all project achievements, measurable outputs and immediate results
1.4 Development and analytical work plan including the timeplan for action (Gantt chart)

WP 2 Communication & Dissemination

Scope of this WP is to communicate the project results to the local stakeholders and the direct beneficiaries of the project tools and capabilities. In addition, priority set to the establishment of a public dialogue with the local communities and their sensitisation about bio-waste treatment and exploitation.

It includes:

2.1 Establishment of a social dialogue and training sessions
2.2 Set up a database of direct and indirect beneficiaries to get informed through electronic newsletters (in quarter basis, total 8)
2.3 Development a communication hub including an Official Project Site, at least 3 links with social media, 4 articles in semester basis, newsroom, link with Symbiosis platform
2.4 Preparation, organisation and execution of the Final Project Conference in Bitola. Development of an information booklet (including a leaflet, a booklet of main project results, 1 DVD with deliverables, a memory stick of 200 copies each)

WP 3 Collection and management of data for bio-waste streams

The scope of this WP is to collect all on-the-spot info about biowaste production and its use. After the collection of the information an analysis will take place about the benefits in economic and environmental terms from the implementation of cross sectoral biowaste use.

It includes:

3.1. Mapping, measurement of all bio-waste streams derived by agro-food industrial sector (outflow)
3.2. Record and analyse the needs of the cross-sectoral industries of raw materials and wood based resources e.g. greenhouses (inflow)
3.3. Study of the economic benefits to the regional economies by the operation of the Symbiosis platform
3.4. Examine and study the environmental benefits of the Symbiosis network

WP 4 Develop and operate the Symbiosis platform

Scope of this WP is the development of a powerful tool for achieving resource efficiency in CBC area.

It includes:

4.1 The development of the Symbiosis platform with data integration from WP3
4.2 Test and operation of the Symbiosis Platform
4.3. Match-making of offer and demand of  bio-waste streams in cross-sectorial level in the Greek project area
4.4 Prepare the template of the legally binding bio-waste agreement and proceed with the match-making & business agreements in North Macedonia project area
4.5 Training of local stakeholders for the use of the platform and continuous update

WP 5 Develop an Action Plan for bio-waste exploitation

An Action Plan for the integration of Symbiosis networks to the Regional strategies will be developed.

It includes:

5.1 Report on the national policies on Waste Management and the current level of their implementation in regional level. Explain the poor results in biowaste treatment and recycling
5.2 Develop an Action Plan for the integration of Symbiosis networks to the r.strategies
5.3 Towards Circular Economy: How biowaste fully exploitation could support employment & reg. GDP’s

WP 6 Pilot activities of waste composting

Pilot activities of waste composting will be implemented in the SYMBIOSIS area.

It includes:

6.1 Technical study on composting procedure/facility in Bitola
6.2 Perform all necessarily procurement of equipment, materials and work
6.3 Supply the equipment and bring it in operational level
6.4 Training the personnel to use the composters and waste vehicle
6.5 Set-up the organic composters to the selected areas. Make a pilot implementation of the composting units for 6m. Report of the operation

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