Group A: Internal public

– Representatives of SYMBIOSIS partnership;
– The staff of the management bodies of INTERREG IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme CCI 2014 TC 16 I5CB 009 (Managing Authority of European Territorial Cooperation Programmes, Joint Secretariat Interreg IPA CBC CCI 2014 TC 16 I5CB 009 in Thessaloniki, National Authority: Ministry of Local Self-Government in Skopje, Department for European Union, Antenna Office in Bitola, Audit Authority, First Level Control Unit).

Group B: External public: Bio-waste producers & users:

– “Big producers” like food processing facilities and suppliers, tourist operators (hotels, restaurants, etc.);
– Farmers, field crops, fruit & vegetable growers, bio-organic agriculture associations;
– “Bio-waste users” – the industries that use bio-waste as resource;
– Local population.

Group C: External public: Decision makers, waste management and environmental professionals, media:

– Relevant Ministries: Environment, Economy, Tourism, Agriculture & Rural Development, Education, etc.;
– Local authorities and municipalities;
– Environmental protection organisations and lobbyists;
– Academic institutions of Ecology & Environmental Sciences, Departments of Environmental Management and Sciences in Universities;
– Waste management & environmental experts in general;
– National, regional, local media from both participating countries.

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