Public Communal Enterprise KOMUNALEC Bitola, established in 1996, performs public works in the city of Bitola and the whole Municipality of Bitola (approx. 95.000 inhabitants). The Enterprise has a total of 253 employees, performing following activities: Waste management (communal and other types of non-hazardous waste), i.e. collection, sorting, storage, treatment, transportation and disposal of waste; The area covered by the municipality is 787,95km2 and is the 2nd biggest city in the North Macedonia country.  All the activities will take place in the municipality of Bitola and the neighbourhood, Public Communal Enterprise KOMUNALNA HIGIENA Novaci (area of 755km2) which both cover the biggest part of the regional size coverage. The impact of the Symbiosis project refer directly to the main waste management players in the Region who are responsible for organisation of collection, transportation and disposal of municipal wastes; and more importantly issuing local regulations on waste management.

On the other side, DIADYMA S.A is responsible for managing the solid urban waste of the whole Region of Western Macedonia. In a daily basis the trucks of DIADYMA collect the waste of 12 municipalities of the region following by transferring, treatment, sanitary land filling and recycling of about 100.000 tons of waste per year. Apart from the urban waste, DIADYMA has performed numerous studies about animal and agricultural biowaste collection and treatment and has an active Action Plan to lower down the biowaste streams by promoting composting in urban but also in rural areas.

Civil Society Organisation – Movement for Environment MOLIKA Bitola and INNOPOLIS will work on raising public awareness on environmental issues and preservation of environment with scope to transfer the results and impact of the project to country level.

National Technical University of Athens will bring into the project the large experience in setting-up and implementing Symbiotic Networks all over Europe.

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