WP 1 Project Management & Coordination

Deliverable 1.1 Preparation Activities
Deliverable 1.2 Project management
Deliverable 1.3 Project Reports
Deliverable 1.4 Project Analytical Work Plan

WP 2 Communication & Dissemination

Deliverable 2.2 Database of direct and indirect beneficiaries
Deliverable 2.3 Symbiosis Dissemination Hub
Deliverable 2.4 Symbiosis Final Conference

WP 3 Collection and management of data for bio-waste streams

Deliverable 3.1 Mapping bio-waste streams in CBC area (outflow)
Deliverable 3.2 Record the needs of cross-sectoral industries in CBC area (inflow)
Deliverable 3.3 Study on the economic benefits to the regional economies in CBC area, result of Symbiosis platform operation
Deliverable 3.4 Study on the environmental benefits in CBC area, result of Symbiosis network operability

WP 4 Develop and operate the Symbiosis platform

Deliverable 4.1 Development of Symbiosis Platform
Deliverable 4.2 Test and operation of Symbiosis Platform
Deliverable 4.3 Match-making the offer and demand of  bio-waste streams in cross-sectorial level in Greek project area
Deliverable 4.4 Match-making the offer and demand of  bio-waste streams in cross-sectorial level in North Macedonia project area
Deliverable 4.5 Training local stakeholders to use Symbiosis platform

WP 5 Develop an Action Plan for bio-waste exploitation

Deliverable 5.1 Report on the national policies on Waste Management and current level of their implementation in regional level
Deliverable 5.2 Action Plan for integration of Symbiosis networks to the regional strategies
Deliverable 5.3 Towards Circular Economy: How bio-waste fully exploitation could support employment & regional GDP’s

WP 6 Pilot activities of waste composting

Deliverable 6.1 Technical specifications, financial aspects and capacities of composting equipment
Deliverable 6.2 Procurement of bio-waste composting equipment, materials and work
Deliverable 6.3 Installation of equipment and bringing the composting units in operational level
Deliverable 6.4 Training personnel to use the composters and waste vehicle
Deliverable 6.5 Pilot implementation of two composting units in Bitola and Florina

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