Reuse Centers in Western Macedonia

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The network of the reuse facilities in Western Macedonia is expanding with the addition of the Florina’s Reuse Center.

Reuse Center is a new addition to the Integrated Waste Management System (IWMS) of Western Macedonia that aims to prevent the production of waste.

The project is co-funded by the European program Interreg in the framework of the WASTE RREACT action in which the Region of Epirus (as Lead Partner), the Region of Ionian Islands, DIADYMA SA and CERTH participate from the Greek side and from the Albanian side, the regional councils of Gjirokastra, Korce, Vlorë and Berat. The peculiarity of the project lies in the fact that the building pre-existed and was transformed into a reuse center.

This center will serve the Municipalities of Florina and Prespa and it will be interconnected with the other facilities of IWMS by using a special electronic platform.

In the Reuse Center, citizens will be able to pick up and deliver materials such as books, household utensils, clothes, shoes, furniture, carpets, toys, etc.

The scope of DIADYMA is the construction of five (5) Reuse Centers in the areas of Kastoria, Florina, Grevena, Eordaia and Kozani, and in combination with the Green Points that will be constructed by the Municipalities will form the network for prevention and reuse of IWMS of Western Macedonia.

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