The project specific objectives are:

  1. To set-up a cross industry resource efficiency through organic material trading and sharing assets;
  2. To create industrial sustainable networks especially in the agro-food industry for energy and water gains by better elaboration of bio-waste streams;
  3. To improve the environmental benefits by lower down the bio-waste streams that led to the landfills;
  4. To generate tangible social benefits to local communities by better use of bio resources from the food industry in favour to social activities and job creation;
  5. To improve the cooperation among sectors and businesses in cross-border area thus improving the local economies and boosting entrepreneurship;
  6. Implement in pilot basis the bio-waste collection at source in dedicated areas in both partner areas;
  7. To create an online database with mapping and measure of waste streams from the agro-food industry and human activities (outflow) to the resource mapping and organic material used for industrial processes or raw materials (inflow) of industrial sector.

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